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Take a look around. Now, I know I don't offer something for everyone, but I am always trying to expand.
Check out the Wanted page and let's work something out.

Pinebox Design, L.L.C. is a small fabrication shop located in Syracuse, Utah, USA.
I offer small, very limited production products.
All orders are important, very much appreciated and are taken care of in the best possible way.
I know how I like my online orders treated, so that's how I try handle every order received.

Yes, most all of the work is done my me, Dave, in my garage at home, nights and weekends.
I'm always striving to put out the best possible work with the tools and materials that are available to me.
Everyday, I'm surprised how far the internet can get you and what you can do with a lot of ambition and a little know-how.

All products are built/assembled per order.
Those orders are added to my schedule, as they are received, and completed as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about any of the products offered, please email me.


General Updates:

May 10, '16:

Jan. 5, '15:

Aug. 25, '14:

June 6, '14:

Previous Updates:
Feb. 25, '14:
    All seems to be going very well without the batch fabrication process. I don't miss it at all.
    I've had a few exhaust orders come in and they are getting turned around and out for coating within a week of ordering!
    I'm very optimistic about the year ahead, and look forward to every minute of it!

    Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more up to date info! Don't forget to Like and Follow!

    Ride Safe and keep the rubber side down!

Jan. 23, '14:
    The batch fabrication process is a thing of the past!
    Example, I had an order for a brushed finish PBD7030 come in on Jan. 14th. It is shipping today, Jan. 23rd!!
    If that order needed coating, it would have been at the shop right now and shipped early next week.

    The Batch Updates and Batch Details pages just received, what I believe are, their last updates!
    Other news and updates will be here or Facebook!

Jan. 13, '14:
        !!**Awesome news**!!
    I think I can just about call the batch fabrication process done!!
    That doesn't mean I'm done building exhausts. Far from it! It just means, when I receive an order, it's not going to the batch list
    and have to wait for others to fill the batch. The new order will be added to my schedule and finished as quickly as it can be!
    So, I'm sure the multiple months of waiting is over!! More like 1-2 weeks (plus coating)!!

    I do have stock on hand of the 90% complete exhausts that the fab shop has been doing for me, so I can turn around an order fairly quickly!
    Will I have complete and coated exhausts on the shelf...maybe. But, not right now. With as many different options (orientation & color) as I offer,
    I'd hate to tie them to something and not be able to give you just what you want.

Jan. 3, '14:
    I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday season!

    Pinebox Design is now on Facebook: fb
    Some updates/sales will be Facebook only. So, check it out.

    2013+ Link pipes (PBD351*) are here and the mounting tabs have been worked out.
    I am waiting to get the first set of tabs from the waterjet shop and they will be good to go!
    Scroll down for the pre-order sale pricing!

Dec. 16, '13:

Nov. 27, '13:
    2013+ ZX6R Link Pipes are coming soon!
    Jig is done, pipes are on order....I do need to have the pipes here before I can finish up the brackets for the stock cover.
    If you'd like to pre-order one...at a special price...
    2013+ ZX6R Link Pipe
    w/ tabs

    Pre-order sale closed.
    2013+ ZX6R Link Pipe
    w/o tabs

    Pre-order sale closed.
    PBD351* Link Pipes Now available
    Now for the fine print:
    • This pre-order offers the first (3) link pipes, of each type, at the pre-order prices shown. Regular prices will higher.
    • As of posting this, these pipes are not in stock. They will ship in Jan. 2014.
    • Pipes must be ordered from the buttons above. First come, first serve to get one.
    Special pre-order prices are valid thru Dec. 20, 2013. Pre-order sale extended thru Jan. 10, 2014!!

Nov. 8, '13:
    Not so good news...
    The coating shop has asked that I no longer offer the "PA" coating option.
    I have spoken with the shop owner and he mentioned they are currently having a hell of time with the coating wanting to chip/flake off when they are polishing it. Maybe something changed in the manufacturing of the coating material? I don't know. Maybe the blast isn't putting enough of a profile to hold the coating on. I'm afraid there isn't much I can do.
    But, I did look into other silver coating options. They do have a few that I can add to the options.
    Here are a few pics from the manufacturers website:
    There is one more color that isn't shown. The color is called "Turbine." But it is in this pic below:
    I asked them to do a sample tube with each of those (4) possible colors. I'll post pics just as soon as I get them.
    If anyone on the list would like to change to any of these colors, just let me know.
    I will get the odering options will be updated as soon as I can.

Oct. 29, '13:
    I'm working on something for you '13+ ZX6R 636 guys.....more info coming soon!

    It's been a crazy few months around here. Working with the fab shop has turned out better than I ever expected!
    Exhausts are getting done faster than ever before and wait times have been greatly reduced.
    However, (you knew something was coming, right) I do see a small price increase coming on December 1, 2013.
    With material costs doing what they are doing, I'm afraid it's coming. No, this isn't because of the fab shop pricing, that's not changing.
    This is on all the other materials I use to finish up the exhausts. Mounting hardware, packing, etc.
    But, I wanted to put it out there before hand. So, if anyone wants in on the current pricing, I'd encourage you to get an order on the list before then.

July 1, '13:
    '09 Link Pipes (PBD951*)
    The new fabricated link pipes have arrived! Any pending orders will ship right away.
    New orders should ship within 5 days of when I receive the order.
    These new pipes fit my jig perfectly and look great!
    1 2

June 4, '13:
    The Batch Details list has been updated!
    Please check out the updated list and new shipping estimates. As you can see, with the help I found, wait times are greatly reduced!

    '09 Link Pipes (PBD951*)
    I have used the last of my tubing materials that I had on hand and just shipped several pipes yesterday. If you have ordered one and haven't received shipping info, please let me know.
    I am expecting a shipment of the new fabricated link pipes the week of 6/24. I do need to add the support and mounting tabs, but that goes quick.
    So, any order that hasn't shipped will ship shortly after I receive the new link pipes.

May 31, '13:
        !!**Awesome news**!!
    I have found a fab shop to help build my exhausts and link pipes!!
    They are coming to me ~90% complete. So, there are still a few small steps for me to complete. But it's the final 3 or 4 steps that go quick.
    Best of all....there will be no price increase on the exhausts or link pipes! I feel being able to get more products out there will make up for the additional cost of the outside fabrication. I am very excited as to what this means to Pinebox Design and the future of being able to meet the orders in a more timely fashion.
    More details and an updated batch list will look awesome and this will eliminate the months of waiting for future orders. There will be a bit of a transition time, which will be a bit of a wait for the 30th batch orders, however, it's expected to be no longer than what the usual wait would be...
    Batch #31 and on will see a greatly decreased wait times and more firm shipping estimates!
    I'm not sure if this will get to the point of having exhausts on hand to ship right away, but who knows...

    I will get the batch list updated soon to show the new shipping estimates!

May 22, '13:
    Awesome news coming soon!
    batch wait times will be affected.....in a very good way!

Apr. 29, '13:
    I just wanted to add a post about my recent scheduling and shipping status.
    Yes, I am a bit behind schedule on link pipes and F/E kits. If you have placed an order, please know that I am working as quickly
    as I can to get through all of the recent orders.

    Also, international shipping has become a bit of a concern. I typically use USPS Priority International for all international shipping.
    However, they seem to be slower than they have ever been.
    I just wanted to post up that if I make the change to a more "reliable" USPS Express International, you can expect shipping costs to nearly double.
    I'm afraid I don't have any control over the shipping costs. They are what they are from USPS.
    Just so you know, it would be a greater increase to go to UPS or FedEx. But, I'll see what I can do to offer a selection upon check-out.

Mar. 21, '13:
    New: Plug 'n Play option for all 07FE kits!!
    I've been wanting to make this option available for some time now, and it's finally worked out.
    This new option will be available for all 07FE kits! Even the license plate (tag) lights will be plug 'n play!
    Pics of these kits are coming soon!
    A quick little sale for this new option!

    Plug 'n Play
    07FEv40 - $99.00 +shipping
    Sold Out
    Regular priced kits are available!
    Click Here
    OR Plug 'n Play
    07FEv41 - $99.00 +shipping
    Sold Out
    Regular priced kits are available!
    Click Here
    Now for the fine print:
    • This sale offers the plug 'n play option for free! ($9.95 regular option price)
    • Only (2) kits for each type are available at this special price.
    • As of posting this, these kits are not assembled. I will get them assembled as soon as possible.
    • Kits must be ordered from the buttons above. First come, first serve to get one.
    • When these (4) special priced kits are gone, kits can still be ordered anytime at the regular price HERE.

Mar. 20, '13:
    ...more details coming soon...

Mar. 11, '13:
    I'm working on a new option for parts I currently offer. Something I've wanted to add for quite a while now.
    ...details coming soon...

Feb. 22, '13:
    New product available now: Servo Motor Eliminators!
    Yes, plug 'n play servo motor eliminators (SME) now available! Click Here

Feb. 15, '13:
    New product to be offered from Pinebox Design!
    ...details coming soon...

Jan. 14, '13:
    I hope everyone had a fun a safe holiday season!

    This update is not one I wanted to post. But, I need to...
    There has been an issue arrise with the coatings on the 27th batch. Those involved have been emailed with more info and options.
    Anyway, the issue comes with the "PA" ceramic coating option. This issue is forcing me to re-think offering this option with the new 03v30, 05v20 and 07v30 exhausts. I will spend some time talking with the owner of the coating shop to see if there is a good solution. If not, I will be forced to remove the "PA" ceramic coating option. This removal will be for all orders, current and future.

    On that note, I am looking for a way to replace the look. Possibly with polished stainless tubes. I know I can get the material. But, it would require a lot, and I mean a alot, more care in handling the material during fabrication. I need to pay careful attention during fabircation of the 28th batch to see if using the polished stainless would be a good option.
    I need to do this because the tubing arrives polished and I would need to protect that during the entire fabrication process. Which could get tricky.
    If you have an opinion on this, please let me know. Use the poll below or email me to let me know if persuing the polished stainless would a worthwhile.

    Polished Stainless Tube Option?
    pollcode.com free polls 

Dec. 21, '12:
    Well it's December 21, 2012.....we are still here. yeah!

    The quick sale for the (4) taillight kits is sold out. Thanks to everyone that ordered one.
    Don't worry, the kits are still available HERE.
    I am doing better at keeping a few assembled kits on hand, so shipping should be a bit quicker than it has been.
    A quick little sale for the new site...
    I only have (2) of each available. They all are assembled and waiting for a box and a name to send them to!
    $89 Kits Sold Out
    OR $89 Kits Sold Out
    Kits must be ordered from the buttons above. First come, first serve to get one.
    When these (4) special priced kits are gone, kits can still be ordered anytime at the regular price HERE.

Nov. 5, '12:
    New name, new site, new look, new fabrication process!
    I have made some changes around here...I hope everything leads to less wait times and better products!
    But, what hasn't changed is my desire to produce the best products I can!